Astrology Ireland invited people to go outdoors to see the unusual sight at 10 pm tonight as well as in the morning, around 6 am.

Mars is exceptionally bright, hence on the night of Saturday and Sunday morning, it is expected to go right beside the moon. Mars will be extremely visible as the shine of the planet will be more sparkling than the stars surrounding it.

Those fortunate enough this afternoon to have a clear sky would be able to effortlessly enjoy the beautiful sight.

Astronomy Ireland’s David Moore stated that is very rare for Mars to become this intensely bright, moreover, it is extremely rare for it to come this near to the moon; especially when it is shining this brightly.

So that is why Astronomy Ireland encourages every Irish citizen to go outside on Saturday at 10 pm to witness the moon rising in the east with the planet burning just to their left.

He further emphasized that it will be a sight worth witnessing for a naked eye, and should not to be missed in any case.

He continued that once people enjoy the sight on Saturday night, they should schedule their alarms for the ‘main case’ at 6 am the next morning when Mars will be incredibly near to the top rim of the Moon.

Moore also exclaimed that the majority of humans might have never witnessed something like this in nature and must not miss this opportunity. It is a sight to see with family and even the weather forecast has revealed that the sky will be clear.

Astrology Ireland is convincing people because nature might not be able to show something like this again till December 2022.