BBC has issued a public apology after an investigation proved journalist Martin Bashir guilty of using unfair means to win an interview with Diana, Princess of Wales. A report published on Thursday stated Bashir’s ploy to secure a heavily publicized interview with the former royal through “deceitful” methods.

Martin Bashir had gone on to violate the channel’s guidelines to interview the Princess of Wales, who hinted on knowing about her husband’s affair. “There were three of us in this marriage,” said Diana, referring to Prince Charles’ involvement with Camilla Parker Bowles, who he would eventually marry in 2005, eight years after Diana’s tragic death in 1997.

Although unethical, the November 1995 interview revealed the extent of Diana’s crumbling marriage and unearthed a set of hidden facts about the royals. The interview was viewed by more than 20 million people in Britain and left the world, along with the Palace reeling in shock. Diana and Charles divorced just a few months after her interview with Martin Bashir went on air.

Bashir came under public scrutiny for interviewing on unfair grounds after a British broadcaster released a documentary last November, which was titled “The Diana Interview: Revenge of a Princess.” The biopic shed light on some of Bashir’s unethical practices, which included hiring a professional graphic designer to create bank statements, which he used as evidence to convince Diana of the royal employees getting paid to keep a check on her.

When Martin Bashir’s deceitful ways became public news, Diana’s brother, Earl Spencer tweeted how he knew Bashir “used false bank statements and other dishonesty to get my sister to do the interview.” Moreover, he also claimed how BBC was well aware of the fake bank statements and demanded a public apology for creating documents that led him to introduce Bashir to Diana.

Spencer’s accusations along with the contents of the documentary led to BBC appointing Lord John Anthony Dyson, to investigate the matter. The results of the examination confirmed Martin Bashir guilty of extracting fake bank statements in an attempt to win an interview with Diana. In response, Bashir stated his guilt in the matter and spoke of his actions which he “deeply regrets.”

Despite his acknowledgment, Bashir still argues that Prince Diana participated in the interview by choice. He cited the evidence in her handwriting along with other substantial evidence that proves her willingness to be a part of the interview. In addition, the investigation also studied the initial probe that was made after the interview, which concluded that Martin Bashir had not forced Diana to speak to him.

For Diana’s sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, the investigation was a concrete method of uncovering the hidden truth. However, the two have not made any comment after the reports were published. The BBC network has sent apologies to Prince William and Prince Harry, along with Prince Charles, and Diana’s younger brother, Earl Spencer.