According to an interview with the Guardian, Mary Trump, Donald Trump’s niece, had warned two weeks before the election that if her uncle loses, it would result in chaos, and that he would sabotage everything.

Even though she predicted that Trump would be furious, and it would result in dire consequences, she was still surprised by the siege at the Capitol. She mentioned about how violent and destructive the whole ordeal was, with the people adorning shirts of Camp Auschwitz, waving Confederate flags and tearing down everything.

However, Donald Trump still came out to let his supporters know that they were special and they were loved. She also exclaimed that the attack was the essence of the four years of Trump’s presidency, and it provided proof that so many dangerous people have been given a platform and power.

She also added that many of the Republicans involved could still be in the running for the next Presidential Elections 2024, which is in itself, a disturbing thought.

She believes that action should be taken immediately against the culprits without any debate, and the 25th amendment should be invoked. She also said that the reason White House officials are resigning following the attack is that they do not want to be involved in the political aftermath. They aren’t concerned about the events at the Capitol.

Mary claims that if the Republicans don’t speak up against Trump, it will lead to their downfall. She adds that there is a responsibility on Biden’s administration that they need to promptly act to rectify several issues.

She also called Trump ‘unstable’. She recounted every event because of which the law enforcement agencies were not able to contain the siege.

She mentions the voter fraud lawsuits that Trump had filed in several states while ignoring the coronavirus pandemic and replacing officers in the Pentagon with his allies which the Pentagon could not assist in handling the mob at the Capitol.

She also warns that Trump can be very unpredictable and there is nothing she can tell what will happen when Joe Biden is inaugurated on January 20.