Matt Gaetz has a serious accusation against his name:  He not only has a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old girl but also pays women for sexual favors. The case had settled down to a great extent until yesterday, when Joel Greenberg offered a valuable piece of information about Gaetz to the authorities, as reported by the New York Times.

Joel Greenberg, a former tax collector, told investigators that the two of them had countless sexual meetings with women who were later given a prize in the form of cash or gifts. This information revealed by Greenberg has prompted another investigation being conducted by the Justice Department; to conclude the extent to which men were involved in such behaviors and if the allegation about Jet’s inappropriate sexual relationship with a minor holds any truth to it or not.

Greenberg further explained that he happened to meet these women through social media that work for this purpose, and more often than not, he would introduce the same women to Matt Gaetz. Joel Greenberg faces a plethora of other allegations such as blatant corruption, stalking an archenemy, and maintaining sexual relations with a minor.

The man in question was prepared to offer the authorities valuable insight about what had happened because he knew that the government already had an exhaustive list of evidence against him and in times like these, cooperation was the best choice he had. Moreover, he has met investigators at countless points in time to prove his innocence and win over their trust. However, his checkered criminal background not only lessens his character morals but also undermines his ability to be a credible witness. When Forbes contacted representatives of Matt Gaetz and Joel Greenberg for comment, they did not immediately reply to the message.

In court last week, Greenberg’s lawyer made a statement that confirmed his intentions of cracking a deal with Matt Gaetz. His lawyer ardently declared that Gaetz would not be feeling “too comfortable” in the current circumstances. Whatever the reason may be, it seems like Matt Gaetz is sinking deeper and deeper into the pit, with no way out.