Former ABC News political analyst, known for his controversial leftist tweets and statements, Matthew Dowd, announced on Wednesday he will be running for Texas Lieutenant Governor. After the former Bush strategist’s announcement, however, many users and political commentators have started unearthing his drastic change in Twitter statistics.

Matthew Dowd seems to have deleted around 175k tweets from his official account, before announcing his campaign on Wednesday. Screenshots are circulating of a before-after of his Twitter profile, showcasing the staggering decline in the number of tweets. His previous track record showed his profile with around 180,000 tweets, which all seemed to have been deleted, barring a few 5000.

Matthew Dowd has previously been in the news and been part of trending topics due to his controversial statements, even by several democratic supporters. People have been especially bringing in his 2018 column entry titled, ‘Us white male Christians need to step back and give others room to lead’, in which he suggested that ‘male white Christians’ should give minorities, women, and people of color the platforms of leadership.

“I would humbly suggest that we as white male Christians take it upon ourselves to step back and give more people who don’t look like us access to the levers of power. As a white male Christian in America, I am part of a dwindling subset that has held the levers of power politically and economically in nearly every field for the entire history of the United States.”

Matthew Dowd will be running in the next year’s midterm election against Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrickas a Democrat, according to his announcement.

“We need more officials to tell the truth, who believe in public service and common sense with common decency for the common good and the idea of servant leadership. Dan Patrick believes in none of those, and that is why I’m running for the powerful office of Lieutenant Governor,” said Matthew Dowd, who has a long history of switching parties according to his record.