Mattigan Twain Warrior is a female celebrity from the U.S. She’s adored in both Hollywood and the wrestling community. It’s no surprise that Dana Warrior and James are so proud of their daughter.

Mattigan Twain Warrior’s mother, Dana Warrior, is a well-known wrestling celebrity. She’s also an accomplished model and bodybuilder. Her father is James Brian Hellwig, also a renowned wrestler known by the name “The Ultimate Warrior.” Since Mattigan was born into a well-known family, she has always been in the limelight.

Dana Warrior – Life & Age

On May 16th, 2002, Mattigan was born in the USA. Based on this information, we can reliably estimate Mattigan Twain Warrior’s age. Since she was born and raised in the United States, she is legally entitled to use an American passport. She has just one sibling. Indiana Marin Warrior is the name of her younger sister.

Dana Warrior – Personal Life

Warrior was said to be engaged to her longtime boyfriend. However, she made a public statement denying these rumors. In response to a query regarding her personal life, she confidently said that she was single. Both Warrior daughters are both at college, where they are both doing well academically.

In concerts, ceremonies, and sporting events, the two sisters are often seen along with their parents. They like going shopping and catching up on the latest gossip. It’s possible that she’ll follow in the footsteps of her parents and become a wrestler in the near future.

Father – James Brian Hellwig (The Ultimate Warrior)

Her father, James Brian Hellwig, was born in 1959 in Indiana, USA, and had been a professional wrestler for the WWF (now WWE). The Ultimate Warrior was an Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion at WWF twice, defeating the legendary Hulk Hogan along the way. His wrestling career spanned 13 years, from 1985 to 1998.

Official estimates put the Warrior’s fortune at $1.5 million, which he amassed via his wonderful wrestling career. James also appeared on television, notably in commercials, which boosted his fortunes.

After his father’s departure in 1971, James Brian Hellwig was raised by his mother. He graduated from Fountain Central High School in Veedersburg, Indiana, and then attended Indiana State University for one year. While growing up, the Warrior began exercising weights and competed successfully in the NPC Mr. Georgia bodybuilding competition in 1984 before joining a wrestling team.

From 1982 to 1991, James was married to Shari Lynn, with whom he had two children, and in 1999, he married Dana Viale, with whom he had two more children. The Warrior died on April 8th, 2014, only three days after he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in Scottsdale, Arizona. He died of a cardiac arrest.

Mother – Dana Warrior

Born in 1970, Dana Warrior is an American citizen from Arizona. Dana is the daughter of John and Joyce Viale.

She went to high school and college in the same state, graduating from Arizona High School and Arizona State University, respectively.

Dana had a lifelong passion for athletics that dated back to her days in high school. Once she had finished college, she made the decision to seek a career in professional wrestling, which she did, and was very successful at as well. Both WWE RAW (1993) and WWE Smackdown Live (1999) featured Dana.

She was just inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2019. Besides wrestling, she also had an acting career that was cut short because she wanted to focus on her family life.

Hellwig married Dana in 1999, making her his second wife. He had previously been married to Shari Tyree from 1982 until 1991. Mattigan and Indiana Marin Warrior are two of Dana and Hellwig’s children.

Dana Warrior’s net worth has been estimated to be around $1.5 Million.

Dana Warrior – Net Worth

It’s estimated that Mattigan Twain Warrior is worth over $300,000, according to online sources. However, her source of income is not quite public.

Dana Warrior – Height

There is no reliable information available regarding Mattigan Twain Warrior height. As soon as we get it, we will update it here for you.


Mattigan is a good-looking celebrity with blonde hair. Her height and weight are not made available to the general public, however, her images and videos are freely accessible, allowing everyone to have a sense of what she looks like. Mattigan Twain Warrior has black eyes.

Social Media

Even though she isn’t active on social media, she does have social media accounts. We can’t pry into any of her other accounts to see what she’s been up to. There are many fans and admirers of a charming celebrity. Although she does not have a Facebook or Instagram account, her younger sister, Indiana, is much active on social networking platforms, especially Instagram.


There is no doubt that the Warriors are a happy family. Wrestling World Entertainment (WWE) sued the family in 2000 for the use of the name “Warrior,” but the family ultimately won the case. We’ve never seen Warrior herself become involved in any kind of scandal as she avoids them at all costs.

She has a pleasant demeanor that isn’t inflated by her fame as she doesn’t let it go to her head.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the age of Mattigan Twain Warrior?

She was born on the 16th of December in 2002. She is currently 20 years old.

Does Mattigan Twain Warrior have Instagram?

She likes to live a private life and doesn’t use Instagram or other social profiles.

What is the net worth of Mattigan Twain Warrior?

Her current net worth is estimated to be $330,000.


This was all we could tell at the moment about Mattigan Twain Warrior, her life, and her family. As we get more information about her and her whereabouts we will keep you updated here.