Has “Jeopardy” finally found itself a good match? If reports are to be believed, then the legendary game show is going to be blessed with the best hosts ever.  That’s right, for the first time in history, the fun quiz will be co-hosted and that’s not even the best part.

After weeks of exhausting tryouts, heated debates, and incessant speculation- the show’s hosts have been named: Mayim Bialik and Mike Richards.  While Richards is the show’s executive producer, Bialik will be a fresh face in the game show domain.

But we aren’t complaining! Mayim Bialik has been widely appreciated across the globe for her remarkable performance as Amy in the Big Bang Theory. Given her forte and talent, it would be a true dream to see her doing something different.

According to Sony Pictures Television, Richards will serve as the daily host for the esteemed gameshow, whilst actor Bialik will be roped in for franchise spinoffs. Bialik and Richards were amongst the extensive lot who essayed the role of interim guest hosts for Season 37, after Alex Trebek, the show’s long-time face died due to cancer.

Ravi Ahuja, who serves as the chairman for Global Television Studios and Corporate Development for Sony Pictures claimed that a “tremendous amount of work and deliberation” went into choosing the ideal hosts for the game show.

In a public statement, named show host Richards went on to explain his excitement of hosting such a remarkable show. He was “deeply honored” to get such a wonderful opportunity, and that too after his close association with the show.

Mayim Bialik mirrored Richard’s sentiments for the most part. “Thrilled” to be a part of the “Jeopardy” family, the 45-year-old actress explained how her son had initially thought of her playing the role of an anchor.

Looks like her 15-year-old son may have a very strong intuition. We don’t know if it’s Bialik’s son’s psychic abilities or her acting capabilities that won her this position. But we sure are excited to see her donning a new role!