Kevin McCarthy, the House GOP leader who has been criticizing Trump regarding the US Capitol Building riots has taken a U-turn and went all the way to Florida to meet the ex-President and devise a strategy to win the House in mid-term elections in 2022.

This was an important meeting between the House leader and the former President in which the need to come up with a conclusive plan to win back the Senate majority – in the 2022 midterm elections – was emphasized.

McCarthy’s meeting with Trump on Thursday indicates that Republicans are just not ready to let go of Trump despite the embarrassment he faced after the Jan 6 riots. This meeting also signals that the Republicans would do anything to halt the impeachment procedure. The trial is scheduled to begin on February 8.

A statement released after the meeting confirmed that both leaders have decided to work to restore the party’s image that has been severely tarnished in the wake of the Capitol Hill riots.

After the successful meeting, McCarthy tweeted, “united and ready to win in ‘22”. He further acclaimed that he is pleased with Trump’s commitment to bring back the lost glory of Republicans in the Senate.

McCarthy was in Florida for a fundraising event, when the former President’s team contacted him. They sent an invite to McCarthy which he readily accepted, and a one-on-one meeting was arranged at the Mar-a-Lago resort, where the ex-president is spending his time, after leaving the White House.

Together we will work in the direction to stop the democratic agenda to prevail further. We need to move immediately to let our bonds be strengthened with the citizens of America. We can continue creating freedom domains for our country, exclaimed McCarthy in a statement after visiting Donald Trump.