On Tuesday, President-elect Joe Biden officially introduced his core team for national security and foreign policy. Before he introduced members of his team and gave them the right to speak with the nation, he addressed them as a reflection of the fact that America is back to lead the world and sit at the head of the table once again.

Biden called Antony Blinken as the secretary of state to address the nation. During his speech, he pointed out that they will collaborate with other countries to meet the challenges of the current times because only America has the power to bring everyone to the same table.

After introducing Antony, Joe called Alejandro Mayorkas as the secretary of homeland security. In his speech, Alejandro shared his feelings about serving the country for 20 years and pledged to serve the nation until his death.

Avril Haines was called next, as the director of national intelligence. If the Senate accepts this nomination, then Avril would become the first woman to serve American national intelligence. As she spoke, she showed her utmost trust in the president-elect and promised him that no matter how difficult or inconvenient it gets, she will stick to her work and ensure the intelligence community prospers.

After Avril, Linda Thomas-Greenfield was introduced as the US ambassador to the United Nations. In her short and simple speech, she made a statement, “America is back, Multilateralism is back, Diplomacy is back.”

Jake Sullivan addressed the nation after Linda as the national security adviser. While speaking to America, Jake pointed out different security threats that we have to face all the time, but later, he assured everyone that the team would make sure to combat all of them successfully.

At last, John Kerry was nominated as a special presidential envoy for the climate. As he spoke about climate change and their plans to fight it, he also appreciated and thanked the president-elect to join hands with Paris on his first day for deriving a transformative climate plan.

During this introductory ceremony, Vice President-elect Kamala Harris also spoke to the nation. She won’t only serve as the vice president to Joe Biden, but she will also be a member of his cabinet.

During her address, she spoke about restoring and advancing American leadership. Moreover, she also shed light on some of the immediate measures that Biden’s administration would take in the upcoming days.