Megan Fox yet again makes the headlines with her new post on Instagram. In the post, the ‘Think like a dog,’ star has made a dramatic shift to her hair color. From her signature dark hair, the actor has now dyed it silver. While some of her fans are in awe, some are not so happy with the transformation.

According to the sources, the new change comes in the light of Fox’s new film, which is set to release in 2022.

The caption of the post further confirms the dramatic change in Fox’s hair color is tied with her upcoming movie.

She captioned the post, “This is what the devil’s daughter looks like. #JohnnyAndClyde Coming Spring 2022.”

As far as the new look is concerned, some of the fans speculate that this is the doing of the Kardashians, as a comment states, “Damn the Kardashians got to her.”

Currently, Megan is dating Machine Gun Kelly and has recently been seen with Kourtney Kardashian. The new friendship starts as Fox’s boyfriend is friends with Travis Barker, Kourtney’s boyfriend.

Another comment stated,  “This better be a wig or I am suing whoever did this to you Queen.”

Regardless of fans being happy with the new look or not, they are excited about Fox’s new movie. As per the sources, the movie is the remake of Clyde and Bonnie’s story, where both the criminals fall in love with each other and are on an endless criminal spree.