Meghan Markle turned 40 years old on Wednesday. Several people, including the Royals, sent in heartfelt messages for her birthday. In honor of the special occasion, The Duchess of Sussex has introduced a new initiative for the masses.

40×40 is a project introduced by Markle that aims to encourage people to pledge 40 minutes of service. The concept and project initiation was announced to the Archwell audience, a company started by her and the Duke of Sussex.

The company started by the duo primarily includes production and charity legs. On the site, Meghan Markle wrote about the project’s main idea, which revolved around the essence of time. While reflecting on her 40th birthday, she realized that time is indeed one of the most “greatest and most essential gifts” of all time.

She also added that another wonderful gift would come in the form of using that time for contributing to “incredible change.”  Given this realization, Markle thought about the idea of committing 40 minutes to help or mentoring someone in need.

With the pandemic hampering the lives of millions, several women have lost their jobs and are now bearing the burden of the problem. By taking a better look at the problem, this mentorship program would not only help women in financial terms but also aid in enhancing confidence levels, according to Meghan Markle.

Resultantly, Markle said that she has kickstarted the initiative by getting in touch with 40 friends, athletes, political leaders, and activists to help in providing mentorship.  Mentors who wish to join can find relevant opportunities at organizations such as YWCA, L. A Works or Smart Works.

On a special day, the Duchess of Sussex was seen conversing with actress Melissa McCarthy via video call. The actress, who is a good friend of Markle’s, has been selected to be a mentor in the 40×40 project. Near the end of the video, Prince Harry is seen juggling outside Markle’s window.

Apart from McCarthy, several royal family members also took to Twitter to wish Meghan Markle on her birthday. The Twitter account for the Royal Family put up a few pictures of Meghan and some with various family members, including the Queen herself.