The White House Rose Garden is considered an American asset and is generally used to greet visitors and guests. However, it is more of a private space for the sitting president.

Historically, there used to be stabled in place of the Oval Office and Rose Garden. This was before 1920. President Ulysses Grant once attempted to grow crops there. In the backyard, John F. Kennedy welcomed the successful return of the astronauts. Tricia Nixon tied knots with her husband there.

This is a place linked to history and now Melania Trump is planning to upgrade it and give it a modern look. To ensure that the first lady does a wonderful job redesigning it, Michelle Slatalla has come up with some suggestions.

Michelle has indulged herself in gardening activities, hence gave some recommendations regarding it. She also admires the Kennedys for what they have done to the space.

Michelle thinks that the beautiful, wonderful diversity of the grasses and flowers that have always made America famous should be represented in one of the most significant gardens of the world.

Melania Trump’s Amazing Rose GardenMelania’s ideas were addressed by Michelle, point-by-point:

  1. Melania wishes to use white rose shrubs to substitute crabapple trees.

Recommendation: Pick a highly disease-resistant bred of roses, which is one of a generational rose as well. A new shrub rose with loads of creamy white flowers and a beautiful, old-fashioned scent is called Rosa “Polar Express”.

  1. For TV appearances, Melania desires “electrical improvements.”

Recommendation: Ensure that the magnolia trees are displayed. As Bunny Mellon stated, the simple, sculpted silhouettes of magnolia trees retain the glow of summer in winter as well.

  1. Melania needs the drainage to be changed.

Recommendation: Add a greywater system when doing it.

  1. Melania desires an 85-foot-long path as well as multiple limestone walkways specifically in a diamond pattern.

Recommendation: To decrease runoff and prevent wastage of water, install eco-friendly, permeable paving.

The Rose Garden will celebrate history with these 21st-century tweaks when planning for the future. The next White House residents will be indebted to her.