Amy Locane has been sent back to prison after serving her DWI penalty. Locane has been penalized for murdering a woman named Helene Seeman based in New Jersey while Helene and her husband were making a turn into an alley and Locane crashed into their vehicle. The unfortunate incident not only took Helene’s life but also severely injured her husband.

She was arrested at the scene for the felony and was originally sentenced to seven years in prison; however, she got away with only three years.

The prosecutors appealed that the statute was wrongly applied and sentenced Locane a jail time of 3 years instead of 7 years.

Locane’s disputation that penalizing her again for the same case would be unjust was disregarded by the courts as reported by the Associated Press. The judge ruled that the previous judge had wrongly sentenced her back in 2019 and the case went into further proceeding.

Star Amy Locane Sentenced For 2010 DWI Case

Her attorney is working her best at the moment to counter the sentence. She argues that Ms. Locane just served 5 years in Jail and it would be highly unjust if she is sent back there after complying with all the rules and parole for the past 2 years.

Locane also pitches in that the accident has been very difficult for her. She further told the New Jersey Media that she is reminded every day about Helene Seeman and feels deeply saddened about what happened. She has apologized multiple times to the family and served her time.

Back in 1990, Locane starred in the sitcom “Cry Baby” against Johnny Depp. She appeared in two films in the early 1990s called “School Ties” and “Airheads”. Insights from IMDB mention that Locane remained as a cast member of “Melrose Place” for only 13 episodes.