Mi phones are always known for their camera, and it is believed that their new phone is also going to support 120X zoom. This company has been offering its phones with flagship features for a long now.

Mi launched Mi 11 last year, and now they’re launching its subsequent model called Mi11-pro. It is believed that its cameras will be better than the non-pro model.

This launch is expected in February whereas the previous model was launched in December 2020. They are not changing the design aesthetics of the phone, it will be the same as Mi 11. It will have a Periscope lens to support 120X zoom. Experts believe that Mi 11 Pro will offer a 200-megapixel camera.

The company is working towards making its smartphone cameras stand out against its competitors.

This may be the reason that Mi is including a 200-megapixel camera to support 120X zoom.

The tech reviewers are always looking forward to the newer products coming in from the smartphone industry. Mi has never disappointed these tech reviewers and has always brought an innovative product to the market.

This company is known for its innovative products, but they outshine others in the smartphone industry. The company has come a long way since its inception, as now they are launching a phone with 120X zoom.