Phil Mickelson won golf’s first pay per view match in a competitive game against Tiger Woods.

The match was held at the shadow creek golf club and it was the first golf pay per view match. However, the match faced technical issues and a lot of viewers ended up watching it for free.

The match took place in Las Vegas on Friday. Upon winning, Mickelson told Woods that even though the win was not as big as winning the US Open or Masters, it still felt good to win against him.

In response, Tiger Woods said that he enjoyed the match as well. He took the match sportingly and appreciated Phil’s game. He further said that it was a competitive game with a tricky golf course, but he was happy to be a part of it.

Even though the match was supposed to be golf’s first pay per view event, it ended up being free for many viewers due to technical issues. The Associated Press reported that some viewers couldn’t see the match on their screens even after paying almost twenty dollars.

The problem was solved by sending out free links to the people who couldn’t view the match even after paying $19.95.

Tareia Williams, the senior publicist for Turner Sports and its spokeswoman, wrote that while they experienced technical issues during the match, several steps were taken to solve the matter urgently. She further said that their priority was to deliver proper access and coverage of the match to the people who had paid for it.

She also said that people will get refunded for the money they paid to see the pay per view event. Other providers also offered refunds or free credits.

Golf is trying to capture the attention of a younger audience through the use of modern techniques. Tiger Woods appreciated the new techniques last week. He said that the portrayal of the sport in a new way is commendable and different.

Tiger Woods has won fourteen titles in his golf career so far, whereas Mickelson has won five. Although both the players are not in the list of top ten golf players of the world, but they are still high profile golf players.