Microsoft has introduced a new and extremely time-efficient feature for the Microsoft 365 and Office 365 users.

They have made it considerably easier for users to move attachments and files between the two apps, the Teams collaboration app, and Outlook email client.

Previously, several users had complained that they were not able to drag and drop PDF, Word, and Excel files directly from an Outlook email to the files tab in Teams, but instead had to save them to the desktop first, and then move them to Teams.

A Microsoft Teams engineer recently posted on the Teams user forum to inform users that the problem has been addressed, and the functionality is available now for people to use.

The concern was brought to light by one of the users back in 2016, however since a total of 61,000 issues and ideas are posted on the Teams user forum, the engineers have a lot of complaints to attend to.

The employee from the Microsoft Teams engineering department wrote in his post that he was delighted to inform everyone that the drag and drop feature is accessible now to transfer file attachments directly from Outlook to Teams, cutting out the hassle of moving attachments to the desktop first.

According to a Microsoft employee, they are currently working to add a built-in calendar to the free version of the Teams app and will be updating their users as soon as the feature is fully functional.

Several features were not available in the free version of Microsoft Teams initially, but the company was later forced to offer these. One of these was the Teams chat feature. However, because Slack offers a free version, the company had to provide this feature to users to stay in the game.

With Zoom offering free features to its users, Microsoft Teams was forced to offer several free features to the users, including live captions, custom backgrounds, and a video meeting setup feature.