The incredible rise of Mike White from the New York Jets saw a major obstacle in Thursday’s match.

The Jets vs the Colts update: The Thursday night match saw Indianapolis Colts win over Jets with a score of 45 – 30 after Mike White from the Jets Team injured his forearm in his second start and left the game.

Following Mike’s injury, player Josh Johnson replaced him and continued with the game.

After Mike was sent for emergency treatment, his performance was broadcast, showing him trying to throw but with extreme discomfort. He scored 7 for 11, including a touchdown of 95 yards.

“My two middle fingers kind of went numb,” White said. “I couldn’t aggressively grip the ball, enough to be out there and help my team. So throughout the course of the game we kept trying different things … and it progressively got better throughout the game and it feels better now. But just during the course of the game, I couldn’t get enough effectiveness with my grip and power to be able to help the team” he added.

It is yet to be seen how the 2021 season ends or will it end up with the Colts claiming a playoff match. Whatever happens, the upcoming eight matches will speak for the Colts’ future directions.

Even in Thursday night’s match, the Colts have failed as a football team. The context must be considered when determining this team’s progress. The team comprises high draft picks and young Veterans. The head coach of Colt’s has especially taken Carson Wentz on board and the team itself has returned the previous season’s playoff team with an 11-5 score.

And so far, what they have shown as the team makes them unworthy of the current season. Till now, they have not beaten any winning team. In fact, the last two defeats against their top opponents, Tennessee and Baltimore, came after scoring double digits in both matches.

As far as the Jets team is concerned, it’s hard to justify the nature of this team. If Mike’s injury had not happened, the team was all set to defeat Colts just like they had knocked off the Bengals with White achieving three touchdowns in a throw of 405 yards. Later, the win was entered as the best AFC record.