After Miley Cyrus got diagnosed with COVID-19, she has decided not to perform at the Grammy Awards celebration as originally planned.

As of Saturday, April 2, Miley Cyrus had revealed about her health in a series of tweets.

“Traveling around the world, playing for 100,000 people a night and meeting hundreds of fans a day, the chances of getting COVID are pretty high. I have COVID now, but it was definitely worth it,” it read. Cyrus is now on a musical tour in Latin America.

Cyrus has announced that she would not be performing at Steven Tyler’s Grammy Awards watching party in support of the charitable organization Janie’s Fund due to her health issues.

Janie’s Fund was created by Tyler to “provide hope and healing to girls who have been abused or neglected.”

Singer Miley Cyrus voiced her sadness at missing the event, noting that for her and Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler the cause is “super important”. Her supporters were reassured that she was “doing good” and not to be concerned about her diagnosis.

The Grammy Awards are to happen on April 3, Sunday night, in Manila.