Four teen girls and a woman of unidentified age have been shot and wounded outside a Milwaukee high school, authorities confirm. The five injured outside the school premises of Rufus King High were all leaving a basketball game.

While authorities have confirmed the injuries sustained are not life threatening, the details regarding the incident and the injuries are still not confirmed. Three teenagers among those wounded were aged 15, 16 and 17, who were transported to the hospital after the incident at the Milwaukee high school. The other two, one teenage girl aged 15 and a woman not too older than that reportedly went to the hospital on their own, despite suffering various gunshot wounds.

“BREAKING: We now know FIVE people were shot outside Rufus King High School last night. Here’s the new information we’re learning this morning,” the tweet announcement came via Hannah Hilyard WISN.

The investigation is currently underway according to authorities, who also claim that the suspect is known to them. No other investigation-related details have been announced or a call for tips. So far there is no hint of a hate crime or a politically motive behind the incident. The identities of the victims, along with the suspect that is known to the investigative authorities, have not been disclosed. Part of the only few details disclosed include the incident took place, while the group was engaged in some sort of a fight, after leaving the basketball game, likely at the high school.