The Minneapolis City Council in a historic decision has approved a 27-million-dollar settlement with the family of George Floyd in a wrongful death lawsuit which was filed after he was killed in Police custody. George Floyd’s death not only spurred a lot of outrage but worldwide protest in solidarity with the victim making him a symbol of resistance against police brutality and racial injustice.

The City Council of Minneapolis unanimously approved the settlement and sent it to the Mayor to be signed. The settlement also includes $500000 allocated towards the street where Floyd was killed, to be used for its enhancement.

Ben Crump, who is the lead attorney for the family of George Floyd says that the death of Floyd which was seen by millions around the world awakened a deep longing for justice and change in the field of racial injustices.

Crump in his statement on being awarded the largest pre-trial settlement on the wrongful death of a black man by the hands of a racist police system sends a powerful message that black lives matter and the police should stop targeting individuals on the basis of the color of their skin.

George Floyd’s family in a wrongful death lawsuit

The family of George Floyd mainly consisted of his brother Rodney and Philonise Floyd, where they alongside other family members, their attorneys, and other officials thanked the supporters and the city leaders for the settlement. Philonise Floyd says that he missed his brother so much that if only he could get him back, he would give all of it back.

Mayor Jacob Frey who signed the declaration of the settlement said that he was thankful to the family of George Floyd for their commitment toward police reform and this was the chance for a change that can only occur once in a generation.

Ben Crump in his statement also urged people around the world to be peaceful in their protests and remain calm remarking that George Floyd himself had asked as posted on his own social media during the protests in Ferguson after another black man Michael Brown was killed in cold blood by the police.

George Floyd died in police custody on 25th May 2020 when Police officers from the Minneapolis Police department pressed his knee against Floyd’s neck for more than 9 minutes where he repeatedly cried out “I can’t breath” which became a slogan in the protests.


  1. I think this a something that should have never been aloud in any state.floyd was in the wrong. And just becuz he was black this family is getting all this money… What are the next 4yrs going to be like. Everyone doesn’t want to stand up to the black lives matter becuz they will start robbing any killing and breaking into business taking everything in the store. not to mention rioting starting fire must I go on ? Our president is catering to the black lives matter..wish trump was still in that seat to set things straight . And if things got out of hand the national guard would take care of the rest .. there is no reason why anyone should receive money becuz there family member was a slave, there own people were the ones who sold them . All lives matter don’t know why everytime a white man is arrest and dies it’s not handled in the same matter u don’t see white people robbing stealing killing incident people burning down building beating up black people just for walking down the street.. think about that people of all color…

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