Ever since the coronavirus pandemic has started, it has affected the normal routine of people. The new normal includes wearing masks, maintaining distance from other people, sanitizing your hands all the time, and not touching other human beings.

The pandemic has not only affected economies and shut down businesses, but it has also stopped people from going to concerts, karaoke nights, dancing in bars, and enjoying at parties. Social distancing has made it very tough for concerts to be held.

Music made people connect. It lifted their spirits and made them enjoy themselves. Now, people are mostly stuck in lockdowns or taking precautions to avoid getting the virus.

Zoom is an application that enables people to connect and interact with each other virtually. It is also used to host webinars and offers various features like screen sharing, and a lot more. Zoom has turned out to be extremely useful during the pandemic.

People cannot go out to enjoy musical concerts or DJ nights anymore. Fortunately, Zoom has proven to be a big blessing.

Dave Turnbull, the owner of DMI entertainment, decided to entertain people online through a virtual DJ party. Dave said that he wanted people to keep their spirits high during such difficult times. He also said that he wanted to remind people to stay positive and enjoy themselves.

Dave has been hosting online DJ parties through Zoom for the past month with the sole purpose of entertaining the viewers.

Turnbull stated that Zoom parties were also a way to have fun while staying at home due to the virus. He remained hopeful that things would go back to normal very soon and he would be entertaining people live again.

The Zoom parties are free and anyone is welcome to join. All the information is available on DMI entertainment’s official Facebook page.