The missing submarine of the Indonesian navy was found on Sunday; in wrecked form lying on the ocean bed. All 53 onboard members of the unlucky vessel were declared dead, as per the reports.

The Indonesian navy announced that they received underwater pictures of the wreckage of a vessel, which was later confirmed as parts of the missing submarine. The wreckage included anchors, vertical rudder, embossed dive rudder, outer pressure body, and many other parts of the vehicle.

The military chief of Indonesia; Hali Tjahjanto, declared that KRI Nanggala 402 had sunk resulting in the crew members being dead. The vessel went missing four days ago from Bali island.

The navy chief of staff, Yudo Margono stated, an underwater robot fully equipped with a camera had located and documented the lost submarine on the ocean floor. The submarine was found broken into at least three pieces down at a depth of approximately 2750 feet.

The cause of the submarine’s fatal accident is still uncertain.

The emergency survival kits were also found floating underwater, normally kept in boxes; indicating that the crew must have strived to pull out of the submarine in case of emergency but failed to do so.

The wreckage was located some 1500 yards in the south of the location where the submarine last dove off.

The navy official claims that it does seem like an electrical failure that left the submarine stranded in deep water, unable to execute an operation to resurface. The submarine collapsed nearly 655 feet of depth which shows that the water pressure must have increased making it next to impossible for the vessel to withstand the hull.

KRI Nanggala 402 was a German-built submarine that had been in service since 1981, it had 49 crew members along with its commander and three gunners on board.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo televised an address offering his condolences to the grieving families of the deceased. In a heartfelt statement, he stated that all the deceased were the best sons of the nation and patriots who were on duty defending the sovereignty of the country.