Mission- A double shooting incident left one teen dead and another severely injured at apartments located in Johnson County.

According to the police, a double shooting episode occurred in the parking lot of the apartments called Silverwood in the area of Mission.

Police officers responded to the shooting episode around 8:50 p.m. around the apartments located at the 5100 block near Foxridge Drive.

The police officers found 2 teenage people lying in the parking lot. One was a boy and the other was a girl. The boy was declared dead on the spot while the girl was shifted to the hospital immediately.

“It’s a sad day here,” Mission Police Chief Dan Madden said. “We’re having too much violence with young kids in this community. Any violence is bad, but when it involves kids, it’s too much.”

The investigation was immediately started but there is no information regarding the suspect at the moment. Police did not cordon off the area as there was no immediate threat after the incident.

This is the first homicide recorded in Mission this year as per the data tracked by Star. This is a developing story; we will keep you updated as soon as a lead is received.