Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has blocked the bill to raise the amount of the coronavirus stimulus checks to $2000.

He believes that the Senate will not pass the bill as promptly as expected. He plans to merge the bill to increase stimulus checks with two other policies that President Donald Trump has requested.

This includes a telecommunications law that permits legal protection for tech corporations. President Trump has demanded that this law be revoked. Moreover, the second request pertains to the formation of a commission to investigate the 2020 elections to prove Trump’s unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud.

The reason McConnell is interested in merging these three demands in one proposal is that he believes that the increase in stimulus checks will not be approved by Congress since the Democrats and Republicans are split on the other two policies.

He recently spoke on the Senate floor, saying that they will not be proposing separate bills for each of these policies only because the Democrats are unwilling to discuss two of the policies about tech companies and Trump’s election fraud claims.

Mitch McConnell blocks bill to increase Stimulus PaymentHe further added that they will not be borrowing more money for increased stimulus checks, and believes that the money will only end up going to people who are already wealthy and do not need the assistance.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer requested that the bill – to increase the stimulus checks to $2000 – be approved after it was already passed in the House, however, McConnell rejected his demand. He also dismissed another request by Schumer and instead proposed the bill with the three demands merged. It has not been decided officially when the vote will be held.

The Republicans are split on the stimulus check payments issue, as they were previously against the idea since it would increase the national debt. However, now that Trump is pushing for an increase, they have a choice to either support him or defy the demands of their leader. If voting is scheduled, they will be forced to make a decision.

Even though Trump has been repeatedly raising objections on the stimulus checks, he has signed the bill and direct payments to Americans have now begun. He is still proceeding to demand an increase, however, and threatening Republicans through his tweets to act upon all three of his demands.