In a surprising turn of events, President Donald Trump has decided to support Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Bernie Sanders in their fight to provide larger stimulus checks to the American people, amounting to $2000.

The House passed the proposal for increasing the amount, thanks to the vital support by the Democrats. However, it was rejected by the Republican-controlled Senate. Several Republicans were against the proposal while others chose not to vote.

After the Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell rejected the bill, Trump took to Twitter to threaten the Republicans while reiterating that $600 is not enough.

Trump’s abrupt change of stance – from completely dismissing the pandemic to actively advocating for an increase in coronavirus stimulus checks – has influenced many other Republicans to change their opinion regarding the proposal.

Two Republican senators from Georgia, David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler who will be competing in the runoff elections in January have now changed their stance to endorse the proposal.

The outcome of this runoff election is important to McConnell, as a win for both Republican senators will determine his future as the majority leader. At least one of the Republican senators needs to win for the GOP to remain in the majority.

Patrick Toomey. a Republican Senator from Pennsylvania said in an interview that an increase in stimulus checks will also mean an increase in national debt. He believes that the only people most affected by the pandemic – such as the hospitality industry employees – should be provided the checks instead of every single American.

oppose Donald Trump’s Demands on Coronavirus Stimulus ChecksHowever, the Democrats have raised objections to this proposal, arguing that the Republicans added 2 trillion dollars to the national debt when they allowed Trump to provide a tax cut to corporations. On the contrary, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer believes that they can help families suffering from unemployment and struggling to feed their families if Trump can implement a massive corporate tax cut.

McConnell is optimistic that the Senate will take up the debate on the possibility of increasing the stimulus check amount, however, he has not promised anything as yet.

This is a crucial time as the current session of the Congress is set to end on January 5th and the Senate has to decide the fate of the proposal by then.