Money Gal Coaching was initiated by Kelly Blodgett. The ambition behind the decision was to help individuals who have the burden of debt on their shoulders. She is regularly available at Bring Me The News with her amazing tips and techniques to pay and clear your debt. Her website, Money Gal Coaching, and her Facebook page are other places from where you can get to know more. According to her, she used the same tricks to clear her debt.

According to Kelly, while she was in the process of clearing her debt, she took the help on an app, and, in her opinion, it did wonders for her. Kelly shares that the app was extremely helpful in keeping her accountable and also served as an answer to all her questions related to the budget.

The app she used is named YNAB which means ‘You Need a Budget’.

Plenty of planning applications are there and you may very likely have one of them. However, you need to know why particularly this one is exceptional, and why it is worth spending seven dollars each month for its subscription.

Money Gal Coaching this app will change how you think about budgetsIf you happen to spend potentially more in a certain domain, the app, YNAB, will alarm you by making the category colored red and therefore you will cease to neglect the issue. The app will also ask where you need to extract the cash from to make the right adjustments. So, whenever you spend more than should have, the amount needs to be adjusted from somewhere and the app has no issues seeing you responsible.

The app makes it very easy for you to save money for bigger expenses. You can save for a specific thing that you might have in your mind,  it lets you save for the vacation and its expenses, and most commonly your monthly bill. The app deals extremely well with all of these.

It is extremely important that every person should try to get tools that help them in budgeting or assist them in paying their debt easily. Creating spreadsheets that are fancy and unusable processes will hardly be of any help to you. There is certainly no point of making things complex when you can have YNAB in your phone right now.

What you need to do is to have YNAB or any other similar app that helps you budgeting eventually paying off your debts.