The fact is, in this world, there is always something happening. There is news about violence, justice, natural disasters, and whatnot, updated every day. It is exhausting and, quite frankly, demoralizing.

News is the most potent source used by people to know about what is going on around them. Complete comprehension is possible with the news cycle.

Nowadays, in such a polarized world, neutral world news is tough to find. Supporting and conflicting with an individual political party, candidate, or even an ideology is quite common for news outlets.

However, other forms of bias, such as mainstream, advertising, corporate, gender-based, and concision bias, exist as well.

However, it is a news outlet’s responsibility to not only deliver news with correct knowledge but also not to be biased. But, instead of being careful about this, they are somewhat negligent towards their commitment.

This is a world where journalistic integrity is largely controlled by money and interpretation. In this era of internet hoaxes, the question is where to find the most neutral news?

Characteristics of Unbiased News

  1. Transparency

A news story needs to be focused on the truth. Opinions should be presented in a way that they seem like facts. Facts should be presented with evidence, and it should be indicated from where the information was obtained.

  1. Independence and Fairness

Other sources should not influence journalists; rather, they should present stories without siding with anyone. Reader’s viewpoint should be presented as much as possible while also remaining neutral.

Some writers leave the context of the story to manipulate the reader’s understanding of the news. This does not make a neutral news website. Moreover, exaggeration should be avoided.

  1. Expertise

Hiring reporters with expertise and experience in ethical journalism is crucial for unbiased news sources. As a result of good reporters, the website will also be able to maintain its online connection. If writers are brought in, and they are not that skilled, an organization educates them.

  1. Accountable

The principal purpose of a story is to inform the readers. Therefore, good news websites remain accountable for their actions. Instead of ignoring the reader’s viewpoint, they try to correct mistakes and stay fair.

Top 5 World News Websites with Unbiased Stories

Here are the top five most neutral news websites:

  1. The Wall Street Journal (WSJ)

Wall Street has been around since the days of printing newspapers. Dow Jones & Company and News Corporation jointly founded the Wall Street Journal on the 8th of July 1889. Its circulation is 21,00,000 approximately

As the largest circulation in the US, it got born as a business newspaper. Later, it took a turn towards general news rather than just business.

It is known for providing truthful information from each direction of a political spectrum. WSJ reports an event in the most explanatory manner without using immoderate editorializing or using language that affects one’s emotion. They tell what is happening and who’s doing it and why he is doing it. Aside from having a large team just for fact-checking, WSJ strives to avoid bias.

  1. Associated Press

Founded in 1846, the famous global news organization has fifty-three Pulitzer Prizes under its belt. Clear and unbiased news journalism and reporting have always been a part of the Associated Press. Many journalists come to its website to seek their own stories as well.

AP journalists, all across fifty US states and hundreds of other countries, collect the latest news from the government to Middle East warzones. Then they distribute it to hundreds of news outlets.

Associated Press is used by millions of readers as a medium of expanding their world knowledge.

AP focuses on an unprovocative style of presenting stories. Even political stories tend to be neutral and without interpretations, as much as they can be from the reader’s viewpoint.

Additionally, you can find great videos and listening sections on their websites. These are also regularly updated. In fact, whenever something happens globally, Associated Press is the first one to report it.

  1. PBS News

Almost all outlets, even the most impartial ones, have had their fair share in delivering inaccurate information. However, PBS has managed to avoid this.

As the country’s first news that broadcasts for an hour, the program is loved by many for its extensive coverage of current events and issues.

They have frequently been immune to inaccuracies. They try their best not to side with one story, even in political affairs. Due to this, they are trusted by 57% of people in the United States, according to statistics. They are a lot more reserved in reporting and don’t seem to rely on the thrill factor as much as other media sources.

  1. British Broadcasting Cooperation (BBC)

When it comes to television journalism and broadcast radio, BBC is the global standard conveyer for excellence. If you are wondering what is going on in the world, the BBC is the perfect place to go. The BBC focuses more on world events and attempts to report breaking news on every subject, as quickly as they can, while still publishing real stories. In fact, you will find better information on BBC’s website than any other US news site.

Moreover, there are also many languages that you can switch the website into if your English is not the best.

  1. Reuters

Reuters is available in English, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Urdu, Arabic, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and Russian. Forty-nine percent of respondents described Reuters as a trustworthy news brand.

While Reuters is presenting stories, it does not lean towards either left or right. It has a strong focus on straightforward reporting and is known to write impartial and clean content. It also updates information as fast as it can. For instance, it was the first to report the assassination of Abraham Lincoln in 1865


It can seem like an impossible task to find an unbiased news source. This is especially true today when journalists themselves do not have access to the complete, true event. An active effort is demanded to report on an event or situation with full transparency.

No news website is entirely unbiased. However, we tried our best to mention the top five most neutral news websites above.