Two high-profile pastors from Dallas and Wisconsin, James Altman and Robert Jeffress have voiced their opinion about the upcoming election. They both have preached the same message, claiming that people who vote for Democrats will be damned to eternal punishment in hell because they support abortion rights.

However, numerous other members of the Christian community have disapproved of this as they believe the church should not involve itself in politics directly. In addition to this, they also prefer to be respectful to those who are pro-choice.

The head of the Evangelical Lutheran Church has spoken on the matter as well. He believes that women should have rights over their bodies, however, abortion should be resorted to as the very last option when all else fails.

Moreover, the National Association of Evangelicals has a similar policy where they are against abortion but are still respectful and civil to those who support it.

US clergy criticizes pastors involved in condemning people to hell for voting for Democrats and abortion rightsAltman presented his message through a YouTube video, telling his followers to repent their sins, the sin of supporting the Democratic party. While Jeffress, who is an avid Trump supporter, claims that Democrats have essentially ‘sold their souls to the devil’.

Jeffress’ church is known to have a firm anti-abortion policy for more than 40 years now.

The director of the Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware criticized them for not giving the same attention to racial discrimination as they have been giving the topic of abortion.

The CEO of the Evangelical Environmental Network has also emphasized the need to include the environment in their pro-life stance. He has also spoken on this matter, saying that their job is to care about people, not indulging in politics.

The Episcopal Church and the United Church of Christ have voiced their opinions as well. The former saying that abortion being available to women is an essential part of dignity and worth, while the latter has clearly stated that condemning someone to hell based on their political affiliations is highly unethical.

A religion and history professor from Claremont Graduate University explains that in the past, most members of the church have been against abortion, however, they have never used it as a political motive.