Sports franchise is a term used to describe a sports team. These days sports are much more about profit and achieving success. With endless leagues and clubs, many teams work hard day and night and try to make the highest profit.

The teams have financial support from billionaires, Brand owners, and other sponsors. Creating this type of sports culture, you must be thinking about what is the most valuable sports franchise in the world?

After the global pandemic, things are getting better now. Likewise, sports franchises are back in the ground and finally, games have been started. So herein, let’s find out which is the most valuable sports franchise.

Most Valuable Sports Franchise

The below-mentioned list of sports franchises is well-known for the sports of soccer, football, and basketball teams.

Dallas Cowboys

They are the professional football team of America. Its owner is Jerry Jonas, and the team is based in Dallas–Fort Worth Metroplex. They are the most valued team to date, with a market value of $5.5 billion. They have a home stadium constructed in 2009 worth $1.2 billion. The sports franchise won the NFL championship for more than two decades. They are top on the list for the fifth time.

New York Knicks

If you are curious about after Dallas Cowboys, what is the most valuable sports franchise in the world? So, it is New York Yankees. They are an American team of baseball. According to Forbes, the sports franchise ranks on the second-highest valued team globally with an estimated worth of $5 billion.

Los Angeles Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers is an American baseball team based in Los Angeles. The team was founded in 1947. While talking about, what is the most valuable sports franchise in the world? This team is ranked among top teams and has won 17 champion trophies. In 2020, the team estimated $4.4 billion.

In 2018 a celebrity joined the team and led them to the 17th title by winning the 2019-2020 championship.

The New England Patriots

How can we forget New England Patriots while talking about the champions? The team is based in the Greater Boston area, and they are professionals in playing football in America. They also play in the National Football League as part of the league’s American Football Conference East section. They carry a worth of $4.1 billion, up from $3.8 billion in 2019 or 8%. Also, the team won Super Bowl three times in the last six years.

FC Barcelona

When talking about, what is the most valuable sports franchise in the world? So, Barcelona is one of them. They have a crazy fan following, and their market value was $4.02 billion in 2020. They are the best soccer team, and Lionel Messi is the worlds’ second-highest-paid player in the world. The team has signed a kit deal with Nike that worth around $175 million per year.

Golden State Warriors

Golden State Warriors are an American Baseball team based in San Francisco. They compete in  National Basketball Association as a part of the league’s Western Conference Pacific Division. The team has the highest-paid players. However, they won three NBA championships trophies from 2015 to 2018. In 2019, the team played in Chase Center stadium worth $1.5 billion.  They have a huge fan following, and people are crazy about them. They have some of the biggest sponsors including JPMorgan Chase, Kaiser Permanente, Oracle, Rakuten, and Ticketmaster.

Final Thoughts

During the lockdown, the global economy fell significantly and affected many industries, including sports. However, herein we have covered what is the most valuable sports franchise in the world? We try to mention some significant clubs with a huge fan following. People are crazy about them. According to Forbes, the National Football League remains on top as the value is concerned. As per the media, every sports franchise is worth at least 1.4 million, which is a great amount and the chances are higher than the value is going to increase in the future.