Earlier this month, two African American teenagers were shot and killed by a police officer from Brevard County.

Later, during the burial service of Sincere Pierce, his mother was shot in the leg by a concealed weapon. According to the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office, the cause of the gunshot was an accidental discharge.

A spokesperson from the sheriff’s office elaborated that there were two victims of this incident – a male and a female who got injured at the time of the funeral. They were able to identify the female as Sincere Pierce’s mother, Quasheda Pierce.

A 16-year-old boy is the suspect of the crime. However, his name has not been released to the public and he is not complying with the police.

According to Florida Today, the funeral was being held at Riverview Memorial Gardens Cemetery in Cocoa. After the fifty attendees proceeded to place flowers on his casket, the gunshot was heard; and chaos and panic ensued. Many people ran to their cars to protect themselves while a few remained with Quasheda to attend to her wound.

The suspect was also wounded during this, because the bullet pierced through his leg before hitting Quasheda’s leg.

A Facebook video posted by Sheriff Wayne Ivey reported that on 14th November, his deputies were investigating the car that was seen leaving from an attempted traffic stop and was allegedly stolen.

In the video, the deputies were following Angelo Crooms and Pierce’s car, which came to a stop in a driveway. The officers surrounded the car with their guns up and one of the deputies ordered them to stop the car. However, they kept driving the car and the officer fired at them, resulting in the teens’ death.

Mother of Black Teenager Killed By Florida DeputyIvey stated that the deputy who fired the shot did it in self-defense because the car was moving towards him and he had to shoot to try to stop the car.

This incident has caused outrage in the state as well as all over the country with people demanding that the officer responsible be held accountable.

One of the attorneys, Benjamin Crump tweeted his perspective on the video. He believes that the two teenagers were scared and were trying to avoid the officers by driving around them. The deputy then approached the car and shot the teens and kept shooting as the vehicle moved past the officers.