A famous Florida radio host who had dubbed himself as “Mr. Anti Wax” and openly criticized the vaccine drive of coronavirus dies of the same disease.

The radio station News Daytona Beach WNDB posted on Twitter while confirming the death of Marc Bernier aka Mr. Anti Vax stating that “he informed and entertained listeners on WNDB for over 30 years.” The statement also said, “we kindly ask that privacy is given to Marc’s family during this time of grief.”

Marc Bernier was 65 when he succumbed to this deadly disease three weeks earlier. According to the Daytona beach news-journal, he had been infected for the past three weeks and his health condition had been deteriorating despite the best possible medical services available to him.

Mike Chitwood, the sheriff of Volusia county who had made several appearances on Bernier’s show stated the news has hit him hard and close it seems like “it is a death in the family.”

He further said, “I’m numb.” There had been various public occasions where he and Bernier spat and did not get along on the same agenda but regardless of that, they remained friends for years.

The death comes months after he officially vowed on his show that he will never get himself vaccinated for coronavirus.

Are you kidding me? Mr. anti-vax? jeepers,” this was his response when he was asked back in December 2020 if he will be opting for a vaccine dose in the near future or not? Bernier had stated that the government of the United States of America is “acting like Nazis” while pushing people to get vaccination shots.

This is the third consecutive death of a talk show host in Florida this month. All three hosts were conservative and were quite outspoken regarding the covid-19 vaccines.

Bernier was preceded by Phil Valentine, only 8 days earlier who was a 61-year-old radio talk show host from Tennessee. Valentine also used to mock the coronavirus vaccines but he changed his tone after getting afflicted by the deadly infection. He battled coronavirus for almost a month but later on succumbed to the fatal infection and died.

Another radio talk show host from south Florida, Dick Farrell died of a coronavirus infection on August 6th at the age of 65.  He had openly criticized the vaccination drive and had called it ‘scam-demic’

He was a former Newsmax commentator as well and all through pandemic had conducted shows regarding vaccine resistance, calling it a scam by the American government.

Valentine and Farrell both had a change of heart when their conditions worsened due to the coronavirus. They both urged their followers, fans, and friends to get themselves vaccinated against the disease as they regret a lot of not getting the shots themselves.

America is undergoing another wave of coronavirus and this time the epicenter is Florida. The concerning part is that a large majority of the hospitalization cases and deaths due to coronavirus are occurring among the population which is still unvaccinated.

The deaths of conservative influential figures who opposed vaccination openly attracted the attention of both global and national media. For people who have been against getting themselves jabbed to become the first victim of the said disease, therefore it is important to understand the lethal nature of the deadly coronavirus.