A dummy can serve as a blessing for many parents, which soothes their infants crying at the top of their lungs, and comforts them in no time with no effort. But definitely, it is a temporary life-saver, which requires a farewell as soon as your child turns into a toddler. This might be a tough time for the child, but you can make this weaning process easier by following some tips and tricks.

Every child is different, so would be their reaction on weaning the dummy or pacifier. Here we have top tips on how to get toddlers to give up their dummies by some experienced moms.

According to a mum, “Only a mother can have the idea when her baby is ready to wean off his dummy. At that time the most important thing for me is to talk to your child about giving up the dummy soother.”

She further added, “I used to show children around him and tell my son that big kids don’t use a dummy. Then one night I asked him to hide it under the pillow and kept a gift instead. He was told that a fairy took away the dummy and kept this gift for my big boy.”

Another mother said, “The process can be easier if you start limiting its use at first. Like you can give it only at bedtime. Then, later on, limit it a night and then start skipping the nights. Gradually, he would be able to live without it.”

Mums share their top tips on how to get toddlers to give up their dummiesOne mum suggested adopting ‘cold turkey method’ and just vanish it from their sight.

She added, “Stay strong and let them cry…. eventually, they will forget it.”

Another experienced mother of 3 kids shared her experience; “I used to apply lemon juice on the dummy. My kids never asked for that after they got the same taste  3 to 4 times.”

Sharing her trick, a mother said, “I cut the dummy of my daughter from the top and made a hole. In this way, she could not suck it properly as she did before. So, she lost her interest soon and gave it up.”

Another mother of a toddler advised us to wean off the dummy as early as one can. According to her, “The sooner you remove the dummy, the easier it would be for the child as well as his mum.”

Moreover, she said, “It is better if it is not always within the reach of your child. In this way, you can easily distract him.”

With the shared experiences of these mums, one thing is significant and that is to keep yourself determined. Your weeping child can melt your heart, but the success will be ensured only if you stay firm in your decision for the betterment of your loved one.