NAALEHU, Hawaii – Two high magnitude earthquakes, 6.1 and 6.2, struck near Hawai’s Big Island coast on Oct 10, Sunday. As per the Geological Survey of the US, there are no threats for Tsunami yet.

Around noon, the one with 6.1 magnitudes hit 17 miles south side of Naalehu while the second one of 6.2 struck 20 minutes later in the same region – news received from US Today.

Within an hour, around 1300 thousand residents felt rattling and saw items falling off the shelves – as per the USGS service, called “Did you feel it?”

In Naalehu, some people saw the refrigerator door at the gas station opening with force due to excessive shaking and items falling on the ground.

USGS stated the intensity of the earthquake recorded on the radar “could have caused very slight damage to buildings or (poorly constructed) structures,”

The news from the Department of Transportation of Hawaii says no reports for collateral damage have been received from commercial harbors, airports, or highways.

According to the officials, the earthquake that came on Sunday is not linked to the volcano eruption that occurred the previous month in Hawaii’s Kilauea.

Except for a few rocks fall, the data streams and webcams show no effect on the volcano eruption – says the scientist in charge, Ken Hon, at the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory. Check out the complete report here.

Hon further stated that the earthquake’s primary reason could be the bending of the oceanic plate due to the high weight of the Hawaiian island – a common cause of temblors in this region. He also added that “It also helps to explain why it was felt so far and wide.”

Reportedly, the Halemaumau crater eruption remained within the Volcanoes National Park in Hawaii. It posed no threats to the locals living in that area.

Hawaii has been the target for earthquakes for a century now, with 15 plus earthquakes of six-plus magnitude. In fact, it faced the recent one before in 2018.