Hunter Biden, son of the current President of the United States, Joe Biden is in deep waters once again after his naked video leaked with an unidentified sex worker.

The video obtained by daily mail was recorded in 2019 and was found from the laptop that Hunter Biden lost at a repair shop in Delaware.

In this 3 minutes and 40 seconds long video, Hunter is sitting with an unidentified sex worker while telling her a tale of how he lost a laptop in 2018 in Las Vegas.

Hunter revealed, he was blacked out in the pool, in Las Vegas, when Russian drug dealers stole his laptop, containing his sex videos. He is seen saying “They have videos of me doing this,” in the video to the woman sitting next to him. Upon which she asked if they stole it to blackmail him, to which he replied “Yeah, in some way yeah.”

As soon as the video was made public, many notable personalities lashed out on Twitter and other social media platforms including Mike Huckabee, former governor of Arkansas.

His tweet was not only referring to the Democratic lawmakers who were involved in the impeachment of Trump, but he also mocked probe claims regarding Russians’ involvement in the 2020 Elections.

This tidal wave of jokes didn’t stop here, as Nick Adams, founder of 1FlagUSA, also tweeted a statement: “Will someone please tell Hunter to put his clothes on!?”

While the Republicans would not let this opportunity slip away easily, The Journalist at the Federalist, Mollie Hemingway, highlighted how the media played a role in rigging elections by covering up Hunter’s Delaware Laptop story.

Reportedly, In 2019, Hunter Biden took an Apple Mac to a repair shop in Delaware, where he asked the repairman to recover the lost data. Once the repairman recovered data, he reported it to the FBI, as it contained sensitive information.

If Hunter’s confession in the video must be taken into account, then Hunter Biden has to answer for three lost laptops – One that was lost in Las Vegas, the one that he forgot in the Delaware shop, and the third one that is not yet known, where is it.

The current controversy of Hunter Biden jeopardizes the US President’s reputation. Along with that this controversial video that has been leaked directly reflects on the Head of the State, and compromises the whole country’s image especially when there is a war against the pandemic going on.