The person responsible for the blast in Nashville has been identified by the law enforcement agencies. The explosion harmed three civilians and damaged several buildings in the area.

According to a press conference by the concerned authorities, Anthony Quinn Warner, a 63-year old information technology contractor was responsible for the bombing. He was a resident of the city from the suburb of Antioch and died in the explosion.

The director of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, David Rausch reported that the perpetrator was found by comparing the DNA from human tissue that was discovered near the explosion site with samples obtained from Warner’s car.

The investigation also revealed more evidence at the explosion site, which also hampered the mobile services in Nashville as well as other cities because a building belonging to AT&T was destroyed.

A special agent from the Memphis office of the FBI reported that an identification number of the vehicle was also discovered in the rubble. It belonged to a recreational vehicle and was registered under Warner’s name.

He continued to explain that they investigated hours of security footage to observe the area around the RV but no other person appeared hence they have concluded only Warner was involved in the bombing.

An in-depth investigation is being carried out at Warner’s house by agents from the FBI as well as the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF).

Nashville Explosion InvestigatorsRausch reported that Warner had not been involved in any suspicious activity before this incident. A curfew remains in the area of the city for the on-going investigation.

According to a media outlet in Nashville, Warner was an employee at Fridrich and Clark, a real estate company where he was an IT consultant. Warner was also previously an owner of a company that sold burglar alarms.

The mayor of Nashville believes that the incident has a connection with the 5G conspiracy theory propagated by right-wing group QAnon. This is because of the destruction of the AT&T building.

5G is an upcoming technology that will allow mobile phones to have high-speed internet, however, according to the conspiracy, it is a spying tool used by the government. They also believe it will cause cancer and result in increased coronavirus infections, among other ridiculous claims. Steve Fridrich was interviewed by federal agents to inquire if Warner had any reservations about 5G technology.