For those who wonder if there is a national dog day that we celebrate, Well, today is that day. The national day for dogs and pets is celebrated every year on August 26. 

Pet owners will unanimously agree when it comes to the happiness of their adorable pet. The pet expenditures have now extended far beyond human-grade dog meals and expensive visits to the vets.

Now, canines are spotted wearing expensive Coutures around the country. Especially in top-notch cities like Los Angeles and Newyork, you will find most dogs attired better than humans.

Pet wear range has come a long way since nylon leads and glow-in-the-dark collars, which are obviously not easy on pockets. 

In May, the popular designer Fendi introduced a line of pet travel essentials, including leads, collars, and designer bags. In November 2020, Prada made its debut in the pet collection for harnesses and re-nylon logo jackets. Moreover, the celebrity first choice French designer Marine Serre and Canadian retailer SSENSE introduced a dedicated capsule collection featuring sweaters, harnesses, and studded leads with the half-moon emblem.

Let’s not forget the Versace’s dog bed with baroque print and pet robe to twin with their owners. Several streetwear designers and heritage brands have now entered exclusively into canine fashion. 

But Dog fashion essentials are not just limited to that. They are now much more than humans. Winter attire for a pet is another concern for dog lovers. Regardless of your dog’s breed, every dog needs something to cover its abdomen and chest during extreme winters. Sidewalks covered in salts can hurt a dog’s paws. Therefore they need protection against that. While for some individuals, designer pet wear might sound pointless, most dog owners won’t agree. They admire this initiative and consider it as equally important as fashion is for humans.