Kyrie Irving has not played three consecutive games in a row. Where is he? Why isn’t he playing?

Irving, who was awarded Rookie of the year in the year 2011, and rose to fame, when he was first picked in the 2011 NBA draft for the Cleveland Cavaliers, is a prominent basketball player.

He currently plays for Brooklyn Nets as a point guard and is considered the backbone of the team.  For more than a year now, he hasn’t been at his best. In the year 2020, he was out on the bench because of an injury.

NBA Announces An Investigation Against Kyrie Irving Kyrie Irving’s career is now in the doldrums because the NBA has announced an investigation against him after missing three games in a row for personal reasons. Most probably, he will not be available for the next few games as well.

After a video went viral on social media, with Kyrie partying with their sister; Asia, at a birthday party, all of the concerned NBA officials have criticized him for not making it to the basketball court. To make matters worse, Irving was spotted in the video without a mask. It means that he will have to undergo the quarantine period before returning to the team.

There were no comments from Irving, as yet but a statement was released by the general manager Sean Marks of Brooklyn Nets after the speculation grew regarding the NBA investigation. He stated that Irving’s date of return is not finalized yet.

NBA Announces An Investigation Against Kyrie IrvingBrooklyn Nets’ coach Steve Nash is optimistic about Irving returning to the team this season. Even though the team has lost to Oklahoma City Thunder this Sunday, he remains positive that his team will come out as a warrior, and in no time Irving will be back in the court.