March Madness officially begins tonight but this doesn’t mean that the NBA is ready to leave its spot quite yet. Thursday’s slate has six games with LeBron James and LaMelo Ball going head-to-head in a night match on NBA TV.

The NBA analysts and experts have devised a plan to keep the audience hooked with them by going an extra mile in being creative and betting a one three-game money line parlay, one spread, and one total.

Brandon Anderson: According to Brandon; he will prefer to parlay a few favorites together instead of sweating for a 10-point cover. He will be watching the Utah Jazz take on Washington Wizards hard and strong. Brandon predicted Utah to beat the Wizards, even though Utah has been struggling with their shooting.

For the second match, Anderson has predicted a Phoenix Suns win over Timberwolves. According to him, Chris Paul will keep the Suns on a winning track.

For the third match, he has put his faith in LeBron James to take the Lakers home against the Hornets, though it will be a close call the Lakers should comfortably win this one.

Kenny Ducey: Kenny is all praise for Orlando and believes that Magic is no match for Orlando. The Magic haven’t won any game since Feb. 23 making it worse for them. With morale already low morale, it will be hard for them to win. He has backed the Knicks for this game. He claimed that the team is in a comfortable position to win the game and make it 7-1. They are playing the best basketball currently and already have a cover under their belt against the Magic.

Raheem Palmer: The matches between Hawks/Rockets and Thunder/Bulls will be exciting. Raheem predicts that both teams are capable of upsetting each other. Although Thunders lag behind Hawks in their offensive technique they do have more possession points. As far as the Thunder-Bulls match is concerned, the Bulls will win the match against Thunder. He has also predicted a win for the Hawks against the Rockets.

Get ready for a power-packed Thursday.