NBA superstars have kept a deafening silence over a Chinese court ruling which states that homosexuality should be considered as a mental disorder. This has triggered an outcry across the globe especially the LGBTQ+ community. The superstars have chosen to stay silent regarding this court decision, fearing it may affect their cash flow.

The prestigious league conducts its preseason games in China. Will it be able to transfer the preseason matches from China and stop the Chinese merchandisers to invest in the teams? A country that has given a verdict anti-LGBT should still instill its footprints on the progressive league? These are questions which the league organizers and the star players are liable to answer.

In Jiangsu, a court passed a verdict that the definition of homosexuality mentioned in a textbook, declaring it a mental disorder, stands valid.

Clay Travis, the founder of OutKick, blasted the players and mainstream sports media for staying silent on an uncomfortable piece of news to save the multi-billion-dollar relationship between the NBA and China.

LeBron James has been under the spotlight specifically for staying mum on this intriguing issue. Back in 2019, James had remarked – “Fight for freedom, Stand with Hong Kong”- supporting those who had participated in a march in Hong Kong. He has been known to be vocal about his thoughts and expressions. His silence on such a raging issue has come as a surprise for his fans and followers.

A former director of National Intelligence, Ric Grenell, tweeted about this sensitive issue by directly targeting the NBA. He called out the association to speak up against this discrimination against gay people.

Back in 2017, a transgender bathroom law controversy led to shifting the NBA matches from Charlotte to New Orleans. This issue is not different than that but the approach taken by the NBA this time is totally different and hard to believe.

Just to keep the dollars churning into the league, the NBA officials and superstars have decided to stay silent and ignore this burning issue which will yearn them more criticism from all over the country.