Nebraska – a man accused of gunning down two people at a fast-food joint in 2020, may get the death penalty if convicted.

The county’s attorney’s office stated that the shooting at the fast-food joint resulted in two dead and two injured.

Sarpy County Attorney Lee Polikov stated that “his office will ask for the death penalty for Roberto Silva Jr, 24 years old individual who is facing first-degree murder charges against him for shooting outside a sonic restaurant on 21 November 2020 in Bellevue, Nebraska.”

The two men killed were 22-year-old Nathan Pastrana and 28-year-old Ryan Helbert, who were both employees of the fast-food restaurant.

“I based my decision on the initial investigation as well as new information we received after the case was initially filed, which fit the aggravating circumstances necessary to seek the death penalty,” Polikov said in a news conference. “I will tell you that there are nine circumstances outlined by statutes that are aggravating circumstances and the evidence we have, we haven’t presented in court so I don’t want to get into the details of why we think that a number of those nine aggravators are applicable to this case.”

There are approximately a dozen charges against Silva, which include two counts of murder of first-degree and five different counts of attempted murder of first-degree.

Three employees escaped unharmed whereas two were injured.

Silva has been said to have attacked other inmates numerous times and thrown disgusting cups of urine and feces at the guards since his arrest. His problematic behavior continued which compelled the attorney’s office to seek the death sentence for the 24 years old Silva.