Among one of the many culturally specific yet internationally celebrated events is the start of a Lunar Year. Today marks the start of Lunar New Year 2022 as we move from Year of the Ox to Year of the Tiger, there are a lot of likely shifts and transitions to come through.

The Lunar Year starts and ends on a different date almost every year, depending upon the moon and its orbit cycle, as the name might suggest already. Whenever the second new moon appears, after the winter solstice, the beginning of a new year is celebrated nationwide in many Asian countries and other parts of the world as well. The tradition goes back more than 4000 years, even preceding several religions that often get associated with it.

Each Lunar Year is identified through an animal, with a different animal for each year going for a 12-year cycle. The animals are identified via the zodiac cycle including rat, buffalo, tiger, cat, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog, and pig. The animal of the year has a huge relevance on the people who are born within that particular year.

The celebrations of the Lunar Year are highly symbolic and hold cultural significance, and Lunar New Year 2022 is no different for many who observe the festival. Even though there is no strict code, people who celebrate it follow a certain specific set of rituals, that all represent a deeper meaning such as cleaning their house on the eve to get rid of the evil, wearing and decorating with red, inviting family and friends over to celebrate the start of the year together. 

There are differences within different countries that celebrate the festival according to their regional cultural specifics. But the overall motive, when it occurs, and the belief all coincide with each other.

The elements of the Year of the Tiger that start with the Lunar New Year 2022, aren’t entirely positive as they might contradict the Tai Sui, the Grand Duke of Jupiter on which luck within the Chinese calendar depends. So Man-Fung Peter, geomancy consultant from Hong Kong tells CNN, “Your financial luck isn’t too bad this year but you may be overshadowed by negative emotions. So it’s better if you focus on your work and boost your wealth this year. If you’re a winter baby, you could try to advance at work. Be very careful when you drive, especially in the first lunar month.”