New York City schools launched Covid-19 vaccine pop-ups at school premises to assist the vaccination drive for the kids in the age bracket of 5 to 11 years.

Approximately 1000 Covid-19 vaccine sites were opened up at various schools across the city where the Pfizer vaccine will be administered to the kids by trained medical staff.

Sylvan Booudo, a student after vaccination stated “overall I guess I just have a little jump in my step. I’m now just able to do way more things.”

According to the reports, no prior appointment is required. Students are supposed to be accompanied by a legal guardian or a parent or any other adult relative. The record of the vaccination will not be disclosed and will be kept confidential.

“What we’re seeing is unprecedented demand at certain school sites,” said city Health Commissioner Dr. Dave Chokshi.

“If we have a school where there are parents that really want to get their kids vaccinated right at that school, we honor that, we love that. We will get not only more supply there immediately today, but will add another day in the coming days ahead,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Schools Chancellor Meisha Porter stated that they have seen parents easing up to the idea of getting their kids vaccinated.

She stated “As our older children got vaccinated, adults got vaccinated. I think the parents of our younger children are feeling a lot more comfortable”

According to the reports, more than 17,000 children aged between 5 to 11 years were vaccinated since the inaugural of the vaccine drive on Monday.

The Mayor of New York City also announced that every worker in the city or contractor will get an additional four-hour leave if their child gets sick after the vaccination shot.

“You shouldn’t have to choose between your paycheck and the health of your family,” de Blasio said.

The Mayor also encouraged parents to ask questions about vaccines and get their doubts cleared. He asked them to call at 212-COVID19.