With the number of corona cases increasing in the U.S, the prices of medical supplies and protective equipment are also skyrocketing. The kits for corona tests are also becoming very expensive and difficult for an average person to afford, which is alarming as it might result in fewer people getting themselves tested.

The government officials have also taken notice of this, which is why the governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, made the announcement of forming a consortium. This will be a regional association between 7 states including Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York among others.

The prime objective of this consortium will be to collectively increase market power in order to be able to reduce the prices of corona testing kits, protection supplies, and medical equipment. These 7 states are ready to spend up to $5 billion in order to purchase and stock up on these essentials.

This will not only help reduce prices in the country but also help the U.S compete internationally and help reduce tax amounts. Overpricing of these products will also be controlled when the country possesses a large number of supplies. Moreover, the consortium will price them lower than other national and international suppliers.

Cuomo also stressed the need for all New York hospitals to have at least a 3 month stock of personal protective equipment. This will help the state prepare for worst-case scenarios that the virus could result in and cater to the needs of the affected people during that time.

This forward-thinking is smart on the governor’s part as New York is currently the most affected state in the US. Not only does it have the most number of cases, but the death toll has also reached an alarming number of 24,535, as reported by health officials. The second highest affected would be the state of New Jersey with over 126,740 cases and close to 8,000 deaths.

Massachusetts currently has the third-highest number of cases and deaths in the country. However, the mayor of Boston, Marty Walsh, thinks that the state is still in the starting days of corona indicating that the situation could get a lot worse. All these numbers add up to a shocking 1.49 million cases in the U.S with 67,200 deaths.