Early this Thursday, Kathy Hochul, Newyork’s Governor, announced a state of emergency as the Torrential rain – remanent of Ida was slamming the Northeast region, resulting in heavy flooding and news of several water rescues. 

The Newyork city, after this news, implemented a travel Ban until 5:00 am – as per the emergency alert declared by Notify NYC. Moreover, it says all the vehicles must be kept off-road until the emergency state rules relax.

The heavy downpours caused five deaths so far, four in NY city and a 70-year aged man Passaic, brutally swept away by terrible flooding – said Hector Lora, New Jersey Mayor. He further confirmed that there is still no news of additional deaths. Drivers all over the city kept searching for people caught in the disaster. 

For further security, Hector Lora commanded the eviction of residents residing in Downtown Passaic as the Passaic River’s water level is expected to rise with a high tide around 5 am.

Nearly 5,300 clients faced power outages – De Blasio reported. 

The severe weather conditions made the FAA issue ground stops at 3 airports in New York City. Also, they ordered the shut down of the railway services, including the Long Island Railroad. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority addressed their customers via an email alert “Train service is extremely limited, if not even suspended, because of heavy rainfall and flooding across the region.” 

Authorities suspended New Jersey railway services except for the Atlantic City line – said the New Jersey transit.

The weather service reported that the area near Newark Liberty International Airport suffered 3.24 inches of the flood around 8 to 9 pm. The weather service stated through a tweet that Newark international airport is experiencing heavy flooding. The videos of deepwater pooling indoors and outdoors on social media confirmed that statement. 

“All flight activity is currently suspended & travelers are strongly advised to contact their airline for the latest flight & service resumption information,” it also said, “Passengers are being diverted from ground-level flooded areas.”

Mayor Hector Lora, in an interview, said one person reported to have died by being trapped in his car in the rising floodwater. Therefore, the eviction of downtown residents was commanded. 

In Jamaica, another person died, and one was heavily injured and was taken to the hospital – said the NYC fire dept in a statement. 

The weather service further issued a warning for tornados forming in the area of the Bronx after radar detected around 9 pm. 

The stormy weather is suspected of moving towards the northwest on Wednesday. The National Weather Service, while warning the different parts of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware, said, “large and extremely dangerous” Tornado had been observed south of the city, near Mullica Hill, N.J.”

“You are in a life-threatening situation,” the service stated. “Flying debris may be deadly to those caught without shelter.”