An atrocious motorcycle gang carjacked a BMW driver in the premises of Manhattan, New York, robbing and beating him at gunpoint before taking away his valuable possessions from him on Sunday.

According to the police, video footage showcased that a 23-year-old BMW driver was forcefully stopped by a gang of motorcyclists around 2:30 am in the area of Riverside Drive at Henshaw street in the area of Inwood.

The video showed one of the motorcyclist robbers took out a gun from his waist and pointed it blank at the driver while his companions started to open the car doors while frivolously tormenting the victim and yanking at him.

They successfully carjacked the driver by pulling him out of the car. They also punched him twice and stole other valuables from him such as his chain. The young BMW driver was taken to the New York-Presbyterian hospital immediately for the treatment of a broken nose and a cut near one of his eyes.

The motorcyclist gang rode away on their bikes and also took away the car; BMW 328i with them. Police are investigating the case and the search is on. So far the suspects are still at large and no arrests have been made in connection with the car heist.

Street crimes have been on a rise in New York for quite some time now. It is alarming for the authorities as well as the public to endeavor growing crimes in the streets of New York which were once considered safest in the country.

According to the police, there has been a surge in a hit and run cases as well as robberies and malice even though stricter measures are being taken across the state due to the coronavirus pandemic. Police are in search of the suspects who looted the young BMW owner and are hopeful that they will find out the culprits in no time.