After being missing for several days, the 29-year-old former NFL player, Louis Nix, was found dead on Saturday. The demise of the Notre Dame star was first confirmed by his mother and then later by the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office who called off the missing persons search soon after.

The details surrounding his death remain unclear, however, the JSO was seen pulling out a car matching Nix’s from a local pond near his apartment. The Sheriff’s office has refused to make any further statements about Louis’s condition.

Reports from his mother revealed that Nix had gone missing in Florida earlier this week, having no contact with her in the last few days. Even leaving messages on his phone was impossible for her because his voicemail was full.

She added that the last time anyone saw the former NFL player was on Tuesday when he left his father’s house in his car. No one had heard from him since then.

The grieving mother said she knew something was wrong when even people he talked to on the daily basis did not know of his whereabouts. She shared that not staying in touch was very uncharacteristic of him.

By Saturday, Nix’s mother had no new information about her son but believed that he was in danger.

The ex-NFL football player has had some sketchy history of violence in the past.

Back in December, he was reported fighting an Irish football team and was shot in the chest at a gas station while filling the air in his car tires. He remained hospitalized for almost 2 weeks.

Even after having the bullet surgically removed, fragments of it remained in his sternum and left lung. After this nearly fatal experience, the young athlete stated that he was happy to be alive.

No link between this past shooting and his sudden death has been disclosed by the sheriff’s department as of yet.

Louis Nix had led a successful career in football. Back in 2014, he was a third-round pick by the NFL’s Houston Texans. After he completed his term with the Texans, Louis went on to play for the New York Giants.

In 2016, he proceeded to join the practice squads of Washington Redskins and Jacksonville Jaguars. Although Louis Nix was able to make a name for him in the football world, he was eventually forced to resign from the NFL because of his multiple knee surgeries.