The Embraer E190-E2, nicknamed the Profit Hunter, is the new member of Embraer’s E2 line of regional jets. It will be in the company of fellow jets E175-E2, E190-E2, and E195-E2. Its unveiling has garnered a lot of attention, even stealing the thunder of competitor Airbus A220.

The Rivalry

The E190-E2 has been on a world tour lately, being spotted on various travel Instagrams. This is an effort by the Brazilian Embraer to position the E190-E2 as a legitimate rival to the Airbus A220. This sense of competition came to its zenith when JetBlue Airways was set to replace its fleet of Embraer 190s. Rather than ordering the E2, the airline opted for 60 A220s instead. However, these deliveries won’t be underway until 2020, so at present, JetBlue Airways still operates only Airbus A320s and Embraer E190s.


The E2 is designed with the intention of maximizing comfort for its passengers. As such, it maintains Embraer’s trademark lack of middle seats. These planes are configured to be 2-2 (in true Embraer fashion), with every passenger being assigned either a window seat or an aisle seat. The jet can carry up to 100 passengers.

Some features that are specific to the E2 are the windows. These have been redesigned using larger frames, allowing more light into the plane. Overhead bins have also experienced an increase in size by becoming 40% bigger. They will be able to fit carry-on luggage wheels-first with ease. Under-seat support rails have also been removed to provide greater legroom.

The Vice President of Marketing for Embraer Commercial Aviation, Rodrigo Silva e Souza, has gone on record to say that their goal is preserving passenger personal space. The E2’s interior was modeled with the intention of having a “wide-body cabin feel,” which will make passengers feel as if they are on a larger aircraft.

Fuel Efficiency

Part of the E2’s sales pitch is improved fuel efficiency and decreased emissions, both very attractive selling points. The E2 reportedly burns less fuel than the E190. Reports indicate that the percentage difference is roughly 17 percent. This technical marvel has been achieved through a modern high aspect ratio for the wing design. Additionally, through the use of the latest fly-by-wire technology, the aircraft itself is fairly light.


Through SkyWest (the largest E2 customer), American passengers can get a little taste of the E2 experience from 2021 onwards. The airline has ordered a hundred of the smallest model (E175-E2). The E190-E2, meanwhile, will be in Dublin for the last leg of its world tour.