J. C. Penney is a US-based corporation also called JCP. It has a total of around 840 stores in various parts of the US and in Puerto Rico.

A lot of people think of JC and their minds automatically think of appliances or furniture. But the store decided it’s going to do something new and change it soon.

The company has agreed to withdraw all household appliances related products from its catalog. It is also bad news for shoppers that they will now have to turn to other options for purchasing kitchen or home-based appliances.

JC Penny added furniture to their stock line as stores like Sears went out of business and filed for bankruptcy. The then CEO of the company, Marvin Ellison, had the idea of placing these items on our list to offer an option to consumers.

A change of leadership took place in the organization in 2018 and Jill Soltau was named as the new CEO.

J.C. Penney Stores Will Not Sell Appliances And Furniture


She had plans to change the business direction and removing the appliances was part of her plan. She plans to make them only online items, and some items could even remain in a few stores in Puerto Rico, but that would be it.

The company’s strategy is to change the way they do business. The company plans to boost the financial viability of the business along with improving its operations to satisfy consumer demand.

By removing the appliances from the store and putting them online, it will help clean up space and make use of it by changing the company’s main items.

Jill hopes to win back those loyal customers who are not using the brand anymore for years. Jill also plans to focus more on key products like household clothing and furniture.

She plans on making more of such decisions in the days to come.