Among many of the conspiracy theories about the COVID-19 vaccine, one is that it influences the proteins essential for the formation of the placenta, leading to infertility in women.

Some activists still hold the view that the coronavirus was ‘created’ to eradicate the old population. Now, they suggest that everything was orchestrated to control births.

Among them, a user left an alarming comment under a Facebook photo, triggering widespread rumors about the vaccine and accused that the vaccine is meant to attack women fertility.

The activists claim that vaccination would mean that the body will make antibodies against Syncytin-1 that can affect the health of women of childbearing age.

Similar claims have also emerged in some other countries. They all mention in particular Michael Yeadon, a former researcher at Pfizer, who, according to his LinkedIn profile, left the company in 2011, and has conducted research on allergies and respiratory issues.

Still, this assumption is scientifically unfounded. Scientists have pointed out that there is no indication of the vaccine affecting women’s sexual health. Many health researchers have also investigated the theory independently and found no harmful outcome of the coronavirus vaccination.

Therefore, it is only a simple fear, expressed by some researchers, who have not ascertained the possible outcomes of the COVID-19 vaccine.