A grieving father who resides in North Carolina has appealed to the authorities to remove “instruments of deaths” from the roads of North Carolina.

Steve Eimers who is a grieving father of Hannah, a 17-year-old teenager who lost her life on the interstate highway on an unfortunate morning in November 2016 says that he battled grief for months.

He stated the Volvo Sedan which Hannah was driving went off the roadway and the next thing you know the car slammed into the guardrail, spearing through the side door at the driver’s side, killing his daughter Hannah right at the spot.

Steve Eimers, later on, began a one-man campaign to get rid of these dangerous guardrails which could pierce right through the vehicles resulting in killing and injuring the people severely.

Steve Eimers has driven more than 20,000 miles across almost 15 states to achieve the goal of educating the people of the United States of America regarding these guardrails.

He has met with governors, state lawmakers, and even U.S. senators while filing hundreds of requests to pursue his goal of public awareness.

But unfortunately, his home state North Carolina just did not aid any head about the termination of these guard rails across the highways.

The X-Lite guardrails are still in service in 9 states at the moment, including North Carolina.

Lindsay Transportation Solutions is the company that has designed these X-lite guardrails and they claim the guard rails are completely safe. Steve Eimers thinks the opposite.

“We have a product that is inherently defective. But it’s on North Carolina roadways,” Eimers said. “It’s expected to save the lives of innocent travelers. But it won’t.”

On the contrary, Lindsay Transportation Solutions have claimed the federal highway administration has examined their products repeatedly.

“In FHWA’s evaluations, the X-LITE performed consistently with other end terminals on U.S. roads and highways and did not lead to any conclusion that the X-Lite was unsafe,” the company said in a statement. “Numerous states have confirmed that they’ve had no negative experiences with the X-LITE.”

The grief is inconsolable for this North Carolina dad but hopefully, this will end so that no other parents have to suffer across America.